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Best spots in the Berlin office - Part 1: Best places to work


Lucie Le Naour, Technical Writer, Source of Truth

October 09, 2019

As the official documentation person1 of the Berlin relayr office I’ve had the opportunity to work for three different teams so far (the late Documentation team, the Product team and currently the Engineering team). These successive changes allowed me to try and test almost every corner available in our office.

Our office is pretty flexible when it comes to where you work. Usually people from the same team sit in the same island of desks in one of the open spaces on our floor. But there are also many people whose team sits in another office or who work across several teams like I do. Hence it is also common practice to sit pretty much wherever you feel most comfortable.

lucie pic 1

Solution Architect Jenim Patel feeling comfortable

As I started writing this article, I realized that where I sit mostly depends on the hour of the day and my mood so this is basically what my recommendations are going to be based on. Without further ado, here is my first selection of the best spots in the Berlin relayr office - the best places to work.

If you want to talk

Any team island will do. Just grab your laptop and sit at a random free desk or grab a relayr box next to the person with whom you want to talk. If a conversation does not happen naturally, feel free to start one. I have never encountered anyone who did not want to engage in a conversation in the Berlin office unless they are dealing with an emergency. Yeah we’re all chatty like that.

lucie pic 2

Senior Scala Developer Anna Yudina delivering business outcomes from a relayr box

This is one of the things that actually really helped me here at the beginning with my job - just moving around the office and talking with everyone. I also as a general rule cannot sit still very long. But there is a solution if you are a person who does not like to talk, follow me to the next section of this article to know about it.

If you don’t want to talk

The chill room is your friend. We are strictly verboten2 to hold meetings in this room and everyone is supposed to stay silent or at least speak with a low voice if needed. What is great with the chill room is that you can work in all sorts of weird positions or take a nap and nobody is going to judge you for it. I’ll be honest, I’m mostly in there when I need a power nap.

lucie pic 3

Administrative Support Manager Justyna Blonska not talking in the chill room

But what if I don’t like open spaces, I don’t like the relayr box and I also don’t want to nap or sit in a weird position?

You’re tough to please mate. But I’ve got your back. We have these two fish bowl-like rooms on the floor: the Innovation Lab and the Fish Bowl (yeah, we call it like that). The former is a meeting room that is often empty and the latter contains our team of field and solution engineers. My preference goes to the Fish Bowl because they have a lot of cool tools in there and if you’re nice with the engineers, they show you how to use them and they give you candies.

lucie pic 4

Where we keep our fish

But currently the Fish Bowl is quite full so unless you’re a field or solution engineer, you’d have to make yourself really little to work from there. The Innovation Lab on the other hand is quite spacious and also very quiet as very few people tend to work in here. But it doesn’t have any candy. So it’s really about what you want.

lucie pic 5

Chief Evangelist Jackson Bond taking a call in the Innovation Lab

But… I also don’t like the Innovation Lab or the Fish Bowl, what do I do?

I mean, you can also always work at your own desk. This is mine below :)

lucie pic 6

My desk and my neighbor Scala Developer Oliver Breit

And there it is, the end of your first selection of best spots in the Berlin office. Next in this series of articles: best places to eat, because eating is important. Stay tuned!

PS: Liked what you saw in this blog post? See yourself working in the Fish Bowl or power napping in the chill room? Check out our hiring page, we are always looking for new talents to join our team!

  1. Documentation person: at relayr a documentation person documents things or get things documented by others. I do more of the latter these days.

  2. Excuse my German, I just like that word.